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The ancient city of Rhodes is unlike any Greek city in existence, with medieval walls looming above visitors at every turn. The city has stood since 408 BC, and is now rich in a shared history of the best of Antiquity and medieval Europe to give visitors the chance to feel just what it was like to walk the streets of Rhodes during the days of Templar Knights.

Wandering up and down the market place of the town, tourists are bombarded by the sights and sounds of an ancient world that is alive and thriving, the heartbeat of the city beating in tune with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here the smells of the most delicious tavernas beckon you in, and the unique shops of the city, be it some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry to the tell-tale Rhodian glass lamps, invite you to explore and become a part of a culture that may not be familiar to you. 

Please be aware that the city of Rhodes is a UNESCO protected city, and does not allow motor vehicles except for those with specially authorized permits. In case visitors wish to rent cars while staying in the city, there is parking located outside the main gate. Transportation to and from the manor and the main gate will be provided upon arrival and departure dates. 

VILLA ARTEMIS - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K10003269501
VILLA SANTORINI (in CRETE) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000
VILLA BELLA MARE - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K92003272901
LEMURIA MANOR (in RHODES) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000