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  • FLOORS: 2
  • INTERIOR: Fireplace, traditional furniture, fully equipped kitchen
  • EXTERIOR: Verandas, dining areas, gardens, swimming pool, peaceful atmosphere

In the heart of the old city of Rhodes, nestled in between palaces and market places, lies a secret gem of Wine Dark Sea Villas: Lemuria Manor. The ancient city of Rhodes is unlike any Greek city in existence, with medieval walls looming above visitors at every turn. The city has stood since 408 BC, and is now rich in a shared history of the best of Antiquity and medieval Europe to give visitors the chance to feel just what it was like to walk the streets of Rhodes during the days of Templar Knights. Wandering up and down the market place of the town, tourists are bombarded by the sights and sounds of an ancient world that is alive and thriving, the heartbeat of the city beating in tune with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here the smells of the most delicious tavernas beckon you in, and the unique shops of the city, be it some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry to the tell-tale Rhodian glass lamps, invite you to explore and become a part of a culture that may not be familiar to you. 

Please be aware that the city of Rhodes is a UNESCO protected city, and does not allow motor vehicles except for those with specially authorized permits. In case visitors wish to rent cars while staying in the city, there is parking located outside the main gate. Transportation to and from the manor and the main gate will be provided upon arrival and departure dates. 

Lemuria Manor is deep in the center of the old city, but if noise level is a concern, don’t let that worry you.

The Manor is encased by a protective outer wall, cancelling out the lively noise of the city and leaving you with the private Eden that exists within. The villa has a beautiful garden that explodes into view the moment you step through the gate, making you think that you’ve somehow been relocated to a private garden far from city limits. Trees that have stood on this ground for centuries loom over you, providing shade to sunbathers who feel most at home outside on the soft lawns. The manor itself is an ancient one, with beautiful stone mosaics in the courtyard that greet visitors along with the garden. Guests will enjoy the convenience of staying inside the old city while also having the benefit of the privacy that Lemuria Manor provides. The manor can accommodate 7 to 8 people comfortably and is updated with all modern conveniences. It is fully furnished while keeping with the style and traditions of the old city, and like all Wine Dark Sea properties, our staff will always be available for a wide range of services that each guest can desire, according to each guests’ particular need. We want to you be completely immersed in the island of Rhodes so that you may enjoy it to the fullest.


Lemuria Manor is split into two buildings, a guest suite and the main building. While they are connected from the outside by balcony, they do not connect through the interior. The building closest to the main entrance is the guest suite, with three floors. The first floor is a spacious living area, comfortably furnished, and next to it is a bathroom complete with a shower. The second level has a comfortable sleeper bed, a single, which can also be used as a living space. The third floor has the bedroom with double beds, with a lovely view directly overlooking the gardens of the manor, and a door that, should visitors wish, allows them to cross directly over to one of the bedrooms in the main house without having to exit the guest suite first. The guest suite is elegantly furnished to our guests’ maximum comfort and has free wi-fi access.

The main house has two floors, the first being where the kitchen, dining room, office area, laundry room, and a half-bath are located. The kitchen is furnished with every modern convenience, to provide our guests with the comfort of being able to cook meals at their own convenience without having to rely on eating out every night.

There is an elegant dining room that has a window overlooking the gardens, where guests can leisurely enjoy meals at their leisure. Next to the kitchen and the laundry room is the half-bath, and off from the kitchen lies the office area for your convenience. Upstairs, guests find themselves staying in rooms reminiscent of a medieval castle, with beautiful dark hardwood floors and beautiful tapestries adorning the walls. There are two bedrooms on this level, one regular and one master bedroom, each containing double beds able to accommodate 2 people comfortably. Both bedrooms are tastefully decorated, made to help visitors feel completely immersed in the spirit of Rhodes. On this floor are two bathrooms, a full bathroom with a spacious shower that comes with hydro massage, and a beautiful master bathroom located inside the master bedroom. It is complete with a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub and an elegant, spacious shower with a hydro massage. There is also a living area located upstairs, comfortably furnished, with a magnificent and functioning fireplace, as well as access to a veranda overlooking the gardens of the manor with exterior steps that lead to the garden. There is free wi-fi access all throughout the manor.


The villa is surrounded by lovely, peaceful gardens which will transport the visitor to another place in time. The garden is a private Eden, with ancient trees shading guests from the hot Rhodian sun, and a fountain trickling into a small pond that only adds to the peaceful atmosphere. Though you cannot see the ocean, the giant palms and top of the Grand Master Palace do peak over the garden wall, serving as an ever-present reminder as to where you are, while the garden wall ensures quiet, tranquility, and privacy for our guests.

The outdoor accommodations are:

  • Two Verandas
  • Three outdoor seating areas, two dining areas and one lounge area
  • Lovely enclosed gardens
  • Wall surrounding property to ensure privacy and noise cancellation



Villa Artemis sits atop the hilltop area of Rogdia, overlooking a breathtaking view of the deep blue sea of Crete. The views of the Sea and the gulf of Crete, surrounded by pastoral green hilltops and countryside place the visiting guests in a state of peaceful relaxation and regeneration.


Villa Santorini is situated in Rogdia on Crete Island, 10 kilometres away from Agia Pelagia, a beautiful beach resort town, with numerous tavernas and nightspots, just 30 minutes from the Heraklion airport.


Perched atop a seaside mountain, overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, is Villa Bella Mare. The crown jewel of Wine Dark Sea Villas, Bella Mare is a small stone mansion furnished with the finest luxuries.


Welcome to our newest addition to the Wine Dark Sea family and our largest Villa: Kastelo Kalliste - Available for our 2019 season.


VILLA ARTEMIS - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K10003269501
VILLA SANTORINI (on CRETE) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000
VILLA BELLA MARE - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K92003272901
LEMURIA MANOR (on RHODES) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000