Fifteen minutes from Heraklion, Crete, upon a mountain that overlooks the beautiful Aegean Sea, is a paradise on earth called Villa Bella Mare. Here you drive up a stone enclosed driveway into a walled private garden that takes you away to an elegant paradise for the senses. The gorgeous blue hues of the Aegean surround your eyes as you bask in the lavender light and the blue tones of the sea. The flowers and trees shower you with color and glorious perfumes from lavender and jasmine. Come into the vast garden and explore the secret corners of secret gardens that all provide private stimulation for all your senses. Sit at one of our seating areas and meditate on the joyous place you’ve entered. The garden takes several levels and has paths to explore and view the sea and mountains. Pick a fruit from the many fruit trees that fill the garden. Enjoy yourself in our private paradise and take beautiful photographs from every angle you look towards.

When the sun gets hot and you’re in need of cooling off, jump into our dark blue, beautiful pool that overlooks the Sea and surrounding mountains of the magical island of Crete. Bask in the sun in our sunbeds and enjoy a cool drink as you reward yourself for working hard the entire year. You earned this trip, this experience. This is how life should be.

When you’re ready to come inside, walk into a unique marble-covered house that glistens in the Cretan sunlight. The entire outside of the house is marble and creates a work of art in the form of a house. Come inside and you’re surrounded by beautiful stone walls and marble floors. Go upstairs to the living room and sit at the sofa overlooking a spectacular view of the Aegean and the island of Dia in the distance. Have a drink on the veranda as the gentle winds brush your hair.

Enjoy the master bedroom with panoramic windows that let you wake up to the glorious Wine Dark Sea. In the evening sit outside at the bedroom veranda and enjoy a midnight drink as you view the distant lights of Heraklion as the cool night breeze touches your cheeks.

Before you go to sleep, you will thank yourself for treating yourself to this unique place and experience. You deserve it.

Being in a beautiful 5-star private villa isn’t all there is to do. After you’ve relaxed in our pool and walked through our incredible gardens, get ready to explore areas on the island you’ll never forget. Drive into the nearby village of Rogdia which is a traditional village of Crete filled with great people who live by the law of hospitality as described by Homer. Drive past the village, further up the mountain and visit the beautiful serene Savathania nunnery., which is another garden paradise that merits a visit. If you drive past the village and travel through the scenic mountain road, you will be led to Agia Pelagia at the very bottom of the mountain. Agia Pelagia is a gorgeous beach with tavernas and restaurants and bars. Enjoy the sun and have a traditional Greek meal or try the Greek nouvelle cuisine.

If you want a more private beach, try driving up the coast to find hidden coves and smaller beaches all around the island immediately after leaving the area of the villa. Come and explore the treasures hidden to the typical tourist. Let Crete show you it’s hidden treasures that the typical tourist never sees. Come and drive into the mountains and enjoy villages that single-handedly kept German paratroopers at bay in 1941. Drive into time by visiting the ancient Minoan sites not normally seen by tourists. Visit the ancient site of Phaestos, where the Phaestos disc was found which holds the key to understanding a civilization thought to be the basis for Atlantis. If you’re feeling more adventurous, drive to the easternmost point of the island to see Zakros, the ancient port of The Minoans, over 3000 years old. Enjoy a meal on the beach as the quiet beach lets you remember why you came in the first place. Then drive back to your villa for a relaxing late swim.

When the spirit of adventure really strikes you, try going to Samaria gorge and hike down through a mountain path that leads you to a beautiful beach after a full day of hiking. Hikes up from the villa are easily available to you for that extra exercise or moments of meditation. Nature is all around the villa and exploring the area is a rewarding and enjoyable addition to your trip. There are incredible tavernas just outside the gate of the villa and the taste of Cretan lamb will leave you asking for more.

Enjoy the drive into the many historic time warps on the island. You can experience the ancient Minoan cities that were the original civilization of Europe and predated Ancient Greece by over 1000 years. Visit the Medieval fortresses and ruins built by then knights and Venetians, see the Ottoman remnants in Rethymno and Chania which add the oriental flavor to the towns. Walkthrough market bazaars that could have existed 500 years ago.

Do all this on your own, or allow us to help and provide you with personal private guided tours that only Island natives know about. See places that regular tourists never see and enrich your stay with us. Or, just ask us and we will give you suggestions for enjoying your stay and exploring the island on your own. However you prefer, we can make it happen. Let us introduce you to a truly 5-star resort experience at our 5-star resort villa. Come and stay with us.

VILLA ARTEMIS - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K10003269501
VILLA SANTORINI (in CRETE) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000
VILLA BELLA MARE - ΜΗ.ΤΕ 1039K92003272901
LEMURIA MANOR (in RHODES) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000