Just above the beach area of Agia Pelagia, on a cliffside area that will take your breath away, is our jewel of a villa we called villa Santorini. Once you see the whitewashed splendor and glorious views over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, you’ll understand why we named it so. Once you drive through our private gate and drive up our winding driveway, resist going inside the house and walk through our gorgeous garden. Look and smell the aromatic plants that fill your senses with delight. We have gardens of lavender, rosemary, and thyme planted throughout winding paths for you to enjoy and relax. Walk the winding path and enjoy the view of the distant hillsides covered with olive groves. Continue walking toward the back and see the centerpiece of our villa, our pool, and enormous patio. The entire area is more Santorini than the actual Santorini on the island. This is your private experience of sun-drenched luxury. Enjoy our special pool with its dark blue hues contrasted by the blinding white surface to sunbathe and enjoy your holidays.

Walk over toward the archway garden that has a stone seating area surrounded by flowers and overlooking the dramatic cliffside seascape that will never be forgotten. The area was tailor-made for photography and great photoshoots. Weddings are perfect here and we’ve had several successful ones here. The garden and patio area can accommodate 400 people easily and is perfect for special parties. Enjoy the private 5-star resort all to yourself and feel the complete privacy from prying eyes. You are in your own world of escape and luxury.

Although you can sit out on the patio by the pool for hours, enjoying the panoramic views, resist the temptation and come inside the villa. Once you enter, you will see the unique interior of the unique dome at the center of the villa. The beautiful pastel colors immediately let you feel you are on a Greek Island. You are immersed in the hues of blues and lavenders of the Greek landscapes. The beautiful floors, staircase, and colors of the house will put you in the mood for being on a Greek Island that gives you a sense of the romance that the poets evoke from the Greek experience. Here you will feel what we feel for Greece. You will fall in love.

Explore the house and find the details that make a true 5-star luxury experience. Go into the master bedrooms on the top floors and bask in the lavender soft hues that complement the gorgeous blue sea colors in front of you. Look at your panoramic view of the Aegean Sea from your bedroom. Step outside to the enormous veranda and sit and enjoy the views of a lifetime. You’ll be tempted to open up a bottle of champagne to toast the moment. And the nights are even more spectacular. Viewing the sea and the distant city of Heraklion at night is an experience you will remember but watching the pool lighted up with starlights at the bottom of the pool will leave you enchanted. Enjoy the night views as much as the day. You deserve this experience for a long year of hard work. Let us provide you with your 5-star experience.

After you’ve enjoyed the sun and fun of the villa, venture out and explore the wonders of the island of Crete. Crete offers incredible experiences that we will happily help you find and experience. A 12-minute drive down the mountain where the villa stands is Agia Pelagia, a beautiful beach that leads to gorgeous photographs and memories. Enjoy a day at the beach and the convenience of restaurants and bars at the beachside. You will enjoy wonderful waters, great food and a wonderful time.

If you want private beaches, drive down the highway and find little coves and beaches that have little to no people on them. Explore the areas that require you to park your car and hike a bit to find that jewel of a beach. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Drive to Rethymnon, an hour from the villa, and explore the ancient market places next to the port of a town that blends Venetian and Turkish architecture to create an environment that is truly memorable. Enjoy a stroll through the bazaar and have lunch at picturesque tavernas. Shop for leather goods and jewelry that you won’t find in other places.

Explore Chania, 2 hours from the villa, and see a port side town that blends Greek, Venetian and Turkish influences to make for a truly picturesque experience. Walk around the shops of the bazaar and pick up some traditional Cretan goods and products. Have a great dinner and make your way back to an evening swim at the villa pool with our starlight shimmering inside the pool as you swim. Enjoy the end of a long day at the villa with a nice drink in your hand as you take in the breezy night views.

As you seek to explore Crete, go to areas not often seen by the tourists. Visit Matala, a beach surrounded by catacombs, enclosed by a cove setting and filled with restaurants and bars. Enjoy a day at the beach and the convenience of having seaside dining. Matala is less than 2 hours from the villa and the drive is as picturesque as the beach. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Just around Matala, is Phaestos, the archeological wonder of the Minoan period. It is worth the stop to see the oldest European civilization in existence and the place where Greek culture developed.

Just half an hour away from the villa is a sight worth a visit which you will remember forever. Mildoni Cave is more than just a cave, it is a spectacular natural cathedral that is simply breathtakingly beautiful. The cave has a tragic past during the Turkish occupation and is the sight of a mass execution. Inside this cathedral-like cavern, is an actual tabernacle honoring the murdered victims. The place exudes peace and tranquility and you will want to spend a few moments of quiet reflection at the base of the cavern. It is a truly hidden treasure that has very few visitors. Enjoy an experience so close to the villa.

Explore the olive groves and vineyards to fully experience the Cretan experience and take the time to stop in a small village for a coffee. Your photos will be great. We are always there with suggestions and advice for you and your trip and love to help with our experience.

We know that your exploration of Crete will have to take a back seat to your desire to relax at the 5-star pool and luxurious patio setting. You’ll want to sit at the various areas we placed in the garden and have a barbecue in the garden area by the pool. You’ll want to pamper yourself because you earned this trip. We want you to enjoy the wine-dark Sea of Crete.

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VILLA SANTORINI (in CRETE) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000
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LEMURIA MANOR (in RHODES) - ΓΕΜΗ 137156727000